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Property Division

North Carolina Property Division

The end of a marriage often requires you to face factors that you have probably never considered before. What will you do to support yourself and your children? How do you divide assets and debts? How much alimony can you afford to pay? These aren't decisions to be taken lightly. You should hire an experienced and compassionate lawyer to help you understand what impact these choices will have on your future.

If you have any questions regarding property division and spousal support, contact The Law Firm.

Property division

Deciding who is entitled to property and assets are often the most stressful and contested issues in a divorce proceeding. In fact, absent custody issues is almost always the most important aspect of a divorce. We understand how important these matters are and we don't accept anything less that you deserve. We use every investigative tool at our disposal to track down military benefits, retirement pensions, bank accounts, houses, cars, and other property, to ensure that the assets you acquired as a couple are being equitably divided.

Spousal support

There are a number of important facts that everybody going through a divorce needs to know about spousal support and alimony. There are two factors that must be present before you can receive alimony payments, need of the receiving spouse and ability to pay on behalf of the paying spouse. In other words, in order to qualify for spousal support you must be a dependent spouse and your former spouse must have the ability to make payments. Courts will not use alimony payments as a means of punishing one spouse and misconduct is rarely considered.

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At The Law Firm, we are committed to helping clients receive the maximum amount of property and spousal support that they are entitled to or prevent you from having to pay money or lose assets you cannot afford to lose. If you have any questions, contact our North Carolina law offices immediately.

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